About DongIn

About DongIn

DongIn Law Firm

Since its establishment in 2004, DongIn has achieved remarkable growth both internally and externally even in a short period of time.
We formed the foundation to improve and expand as a leading law firm by changing into limited liability company in 2010, and since 2014. We have maintained the ranking among top 10 law firms in Korea.

  • Providing legal services to give impression beyond satisfaction to the client Our goal is simple.

    Providing legal services to give impression beyond satisfaction to the client Our goal is simple. DongIn Law Group believes the top priority of our legal services is to provide client-based services in order to meet the clients needs and reach’the highest level of satisfaction of each and every client. To achieve the goal, DongIn has many professionals and attorneys with vast experiences and operates more than 70 specialized teams in the respective fields and industries, providing the highest quality of legal services.

  • Highly qualified professionals with vast experience

    DongIn has many professionals with great skills and knowledge. Competent members including previous judges, prosecutors and in-house attorneys with extensive experience in various fields are the greatest driving force behind DongIn’s remarkable growth in such a short period of time. In particular, as more than 100 attorneys among 200 members were previous judges and prosecutors, DongIn is notable for criminal litigation (investigation defense) and civil litigation.

  • Responsible corporate operation based on pride, mutual trust, and transparency

    With the pride and philosophy in our social roles as law firm, DongIn is consistently trying to maintain the firm and its system in transparency. We do not compromise with any illegality or expedients but do best endeavors to protect the trust and confidence by the client in the firm and fulfill our social responsibility based on transparent management and each member’s thorough professional ethics.