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  • Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York, NY
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property, June 2012
  • Honors: Dean’s Merit Scholarship
  • KDI School, Seoul, Korea
  • Master of Foreign Direct Investment (MFDI), December 2009
  • (All classes conduct


  • Dongin Law Group (11/2018 - Present)
  • · · Legal Advisor for Seoul Metropolitan Government (2023. 10. 1. ~ present)
  • · · Legal Advisor for Korea Integrated Logistice Association (7/2022 - Present)
  • · · Chiof of Public Service Ethics Committee in Dongjak-Gu (3/2022 - Present)
  • · · Contract Review Committee member in the Korea District Heating Corporation (10/2020 - Present)
  • · · Legal Advisor for Korea Commercial Software Association (10/2020 - Present)
  • · · Arbitrator in the KCAB (7/2020 - Present)
  • · · Litigation Attorney for Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation Bankruptcy Foundaion (2020 - Present)
  • BakerBotts LL.P.(NY) (2013. 6-2018. 6)
  • Samsung SDS (1/2010 - 7/2012)
  • Samsung Networks (2/2000 - 1/2010)
  • Samsung Electronics (2/1999 - 1/2000)


  • ■ Dongin Law Group
  • 1.Patent Litigation
  • [Business Model Patent Infringement suit and the preliminary injunction]
  • Business Model Patent for the document separating system in the financial institutions.
  • Represented the defendant and Alleged non-patentable invention and judged the patent invalid in the preliminary injunction procedure.
  • 2.Trade Secrets
  • [Unfair competition prevention and trade secret protection lawsuit]
  • Former employee of the client stole the trade secrets and moved to the competition company.
  • Filed a suit against the employee in both criminal and civil action.
  • 3.International Transaction
  • [Representing medium size company in the contract argument against the global company]
  • Ap**e terminated the supply agreement based on the unreasonable interpretation of the terms
  • · · Claimed the damages and settled in our favor.
  • T**a terminated the supply agreement and request to compensate their damages.
  • · · Claimed their breach of the contract.
  • 4. Employment cases
  • Represented employees, who had been laid off without justifiable cause, and filed suits seeking confirmation of nullity
  • Represented employer, who had lost in the district court, and reversed in the appeal court.
  • ■ Bakerbotts, LLP. (N.Y.)
  • 1.Patent Litigation
  • [Participating in each step of the patent litigation, such as construction claim, e-discovery, deposition, Daubert motion and so on.]
  • Received summary judgment on non-infringement of one patent in the suit relating to multiple technologies, such as email networks, telecommunication network congestion, turbo coding, and internet of things, and then settled. (2016. 9.)
  • Received summary judgment on non-infringement in the suit relating to recognizing and performing handwritten calculations. (2015.12.)
  • Received jury verdict of non-infringement in the suit relating to digital rights management technologies. (2015. 10.)
  • Received summary judgment of both the non-infringement and the invalidity for the defendant in the suit relating to liquid crystal display technologies. (2015. 4.)
  • 2.Trademark
  • Worked for the plaintiff in connection with Lanham Act and related claims stemming from defendants’ sales of gray market cameras. (continued)
  • 3.ITC Case
  • Legal Research in In the Matter of Certain Magnetic Tape Cartridges and Components Thereof (International Trade Commission Investigation No. 337-TA-1058) (continued)
  • ■ Samsung SDS
  • 1.Criminal case
  • [Interference with bidding case (2012. 2.)]
  • Korea Rail Network Authority accused SDS employees of the interference with bidding for the rail switch of KTX.
  • Defended employees in the investigation both by the police and the prosecutor
  • Resulted in an acquittal
  • 2.Civil action
  • [Appeal of the lawsuit against SK Telecom (2011. 11.)]
  • SK Telecom filed a suit that the Korea Communication Agency bidding which conferred the contractor of $70M project on SDS was void and SDS lost in the district court. Reversed on appeal.
  • Supervised the outside counsel
  • Reviewed and drafted the legal briefs, defended employees’ depositions, and delivered the oral argument
  • 3. International Transaction
  • [$500 Million Oil Security System Establishment Project by Kuwait Oil Company (2011. 4. ~ 2011. 9.)]
  • Dispatched to Kuwait for 6 months and settled the disputes with subcontractors
  • Drafted the settlement agreement
  • 4.Copyright
  • [Criminal accusation of the copyright infringement on Microsoft Korea (2010. 11.)]
  • MS Korea filed a suit against SDS for their copyright infringementExamined and analyzed whether SDS infringed MS copyright.
  • Drafted legal briefs, defended employees’ depositions, and delivered the oral argument
  • SDS was acquitted in the criminal case, and MS Korea withdrew the civil action.
  • 5. Unfair Trade Examination
  • [Defend the KFTC examination for the unfair trade with the sub-contractor (2010. 9.)]
  • Participated in the examination process, reviewed SDS materials and defended SDS was acquitted.
  • ■ Samsung Networks
  • 1.Litigations
  • [Litigations against the sub-contractor (including civil, criminal, constitutional and anti-trust cases) (2005. 4. ~ 2009. 11)]
  • Managed all litigations in the view of business, as well as law
  • Reviewed and drafted legal briefs, conducted and defended depositions, and delivered the oral argument
  • 2.International Transaction
  • [Samsung Electric Company Call Center establishment Project in Greenville, NC.(2007. 10. ~ 2008. 10.)]
  • Settled the dispute and negotiated the terms and conditions
  • Drafted the settlement agreement
  • [Lanka Government Network Establishment Project (Sri Lanka) (2006. 8. ~ 2008. 8.)]Negotiated various terms-and-conditions, and drafted the subsequent contracts
  • 3. Management
  • [Buildup of standard English contracts and establishment of the contract complement system (2008. 5.)]
  • Standardized frequently used English contracts in order to improve employees’ work efficiency,
  • Established the system to complete the contract
  • [Guideline Establishment of the compensation for the employees’ invention (2006. 3.)]
  • Encouraged the employees’ desire to invent
  • Established the appropriate compensation system for employees’ invention
  • [Establishment of the Contract Management System (2001. 4.)]
  • In order to review the contracts by the legal team before signing the contract and to preserve the signed contracts
  • The rest of the Samsung conglomerates introduced our contract management system.
  • 4.Compliance
  • [Establishment of the CRM process in the legal team (2009. 3. ~ 2009. 5.)]
  • Established the CRM process in the legal team in order to correspond to the customers’ claims and to prevent the derivative damages
  • [Establishment of the procedures for providing communication confirmation data for criminal investigations (2005. 6.)]
  • As the communication company, Samsung Networks was required to establish the procedures for providing communication confirmation data for criminal investigations according to the Protection of communications secrets act.
  • Established the law required procedures and trained the employees.
  • 5. Criminal case
  • [Accusation of the breach of the Specialized credit finance business act (2001. 10.)]
  • The former Specialized credit finance business act did not prescribe the Payment Gateway usiness as legal.
  • Petitioned for legislation of the Payment Gateway business in alliance with other PG companies.
  • ■ Samsung Electronics Co.
  • 1. Compliance
  • [Y2K T/F (1999. 10. ~ 2000. 1.)]
  • Researched and analyzed legal risk for the customers in occurring the Y2K problem
  • Educated employees for the preparation of Y2K
  • 2. Civil action
  • [Lawsuit for the damages from the construction of the transmission tower (1999. 10.)]


  • CALI Excellence for the Future Award in Corporate Finance (Indiana University)


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